O passaporte falso de Adolf Hitler

O site The National Archive, do governo britânico, explica:

This fake passport for Adolf Hitler was made by the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The work of this group was to organise resistance in countries taken over by the Germans during the Second World War. After the war, examples of the documents they made were preserved to illustrate their work.
SOE relied on the use of undercover agents or spies. They sent nearly 500 agents into France alone. To assist these agents, SOE ran a forgery section that made fake documents ranging from passports to firearms licences, travel permits and work passes. They often made use of the skills of counterfeiters and forgers recently released from prison.
This passport shows what the forgers were capable of producing. It also hints at their sense of humour and their opinion of Hitler and his beliefs. They've given Hitler's passport a red 'J' (which stood for 'Jew' on a German passport). He has a visa allowing his entry into Palestine, which was under British control at that time. The passport also describes Hitler's occupation as a 'painter'. Under distinguishing features, they list his 'little moustache'.